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Vintage Business Designer Handbag

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MAHEU Leather Briefcase & Business Bags

Be superior in material and excelllent in workmanship Material: 100% Cowskin, Genuine Leather Feature 1: Bag Come With 1 pc Shoulder-strap

Design1: crazy-horse leather

Size: 43cm x 15cm X 31cm(L*W*H*) Weight: About 2KG Fit For 15.6 Inch Laptop Attention: the design1 real products color is a little darker , the quality is the top grade ,100% genuine leather

Design 2: Crazy Horse Leather

Design 3: For 15.6 Inch Laptop

Size: 39cm x 12.5cm x 30cm Weight: About 1.7KG Color: Dark Brown Feature: Crazy horse leather

Design 4: For 14 Inch Laptop

Size: 37cm x 9cm x 30cm Weight: About 1.5KG

Design5: 45cm